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The rise of the Divine Feminine energy has sparked the inner connection within us all. Indengionous women everywhere are searching for that spiritual connection and seek ways to express this outwardly. 

I will say, that because of this mass awakening, we are being bombarded with "trendy" practices such as using sage to get  rid of spirits and negative energy, lighting candles and casting spells on others by putting them in jars. 

These may be techniques that are indeed used in a mystical practice, however, it goes much deeper than this. That which we see onine can only take us so far. To go further means to tap within Self, were all wisdom lies. 

The real start of a spiritual journey is to first connect with you. To detach from the indoctrination that we have been taught. From religion, schooling and traditions. To shift through it all and toss out what is not serving you and to build upon what indeed is FOR you. 

Goddess Energy

There are many gods and goddesses. Many of them once walked the Earth in human form and were later reverenced as being a goddesses. One lesson that we can take from the lifestyle of the living goddesses is to embody the energy of love, beauty, health, wealth and abundance. Embodying the goddess energy can shift your life in multiple ways. We must remember, that embodying the energy is not the same as worshipping them. When we worship, we are placing our energy, attention and faith in an OUTSIDE entity. When we walk in the energy, we are mimicking, internalizing and becoming the goddess that we seek, from within.

There are multiple goddesses throughout all pantheons and practices,. What I have come to find through my own practice is that many are not listed in the books nor are they established in the organized practices. There are many women who embody the feminine energy and that have mastered the physical realm, who are not talked about. Who do not get the recognition as others. Think about the popular girl in school, who got all the attention, yet the most smartest girl who made the best grades was ignored. This is what came to me one day in my mediatative thought.

As it is good to begin your practice learning about Oshun, Oya, Lakshimi, Isis and lady Venus. Don't forget to tap into those energies may be present in your own ancestral lineage. 

Ways to spiritually connect to the Goddess energy: Chanting. Meditative breathing. Engaging in creative arts like drawing, painting, writing, dancing and singing. Spending time in Nature and in moments of solitude. 

RECOMMENDED READ: This is a GREAT read for someone who is looking for an introductory into the various Goddesses. 

SpiritualReading Recommendations 

The following book recommendations are from brown authors that provide tangible, knowledgable information and resources.

Moon Magick + Phases of the Moon

You are able to create at any moment in time. Flowing with the energy of the moon is a way to enhance your work and supercharges your dreams.

Full Moon

100% illumination. Yang energy. High point of the lunar cycle.  A great time to see your manifestations come to fruition. A time of releasing, forgiveness and expressing gratitude. Let go and celebrating the intense energy of light coming down on the planet. Create moon water and charge your magickal instruments. Give thanks.

Third Quarter (Waning Moon)

Begins 3-7 days after the full moon. A time of reflection. Of cleansing and clearing. Of inner working and relaxation from the high energy of the full moon. The moon begins to disappear in the sky as if going back in within itself. A great time to start thinking of what you would like to bring a new with the upcoming Dark moon.

New (Dark) Moon 

Ying energy. A time to plant seeds for your future dreams. The Dark moon reminds us of potential, dreams and beginning with a clean slate. The start of the manifesting process. To look forward, and plan. Meditate on your dreams and desires. Best time to practice scripting and spell casting.  

First Quarter (Waxing Moon)  

Starts 3-7 days after the new moon. The moon is moving from being invisible to it's full illumination in the sky. A time to reflect and remember what it is that you are truly desiring to see come to fruition. Don't give up. Grow in stamina just as the moon grows in the sky. 


Corresponding Universal  Energies

Moon - (Monday) Cancer - Water /Aspects include emotions, family, nurturing

Mercury - (Wednesday) Gemini - Air /Aspects include communication

Venus - (Friday) Taurus - Earth /Aspects include love, abundance, values

Mars - (Tuesday) Aries - Fire /Aspects include action, passion, drive

Jupiter - (Thursday) Aspects include luck, protection

Saturn - (Saturday) Aspects include judgement, time

Uranus - Aspects include chaos and order

Neptune - Aquarius /Aspects include illusion, spirituality

Pluto - Scorpio /Aspects include truth, transformation, death power and sex 


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